Learn More About Our Agent Referral Program!

We believe in helping other agents become successful and have developed our Agent Referral Program with that in mind. Keep your client and earn a $500 referral bonus for every owner you send us!

How does it work?

  • When the owner/seller signs an agreement with us and we lease the property, we pay you $500!
  • You keep the listing! When the seller decides to sell again (i.e. when the market value increases) we refer the Seller back to you to handle the listing and sale! You get fast cash for referring us a property!
  • If you’d like, we will keep you updated during our time managing the property. You have the peace of mind knowing both the property and the owner/seller will be well cared for!
  • Earn additional bonuses for multiple referrals – see below!

How do we do it?

When you refer a client to us, your contact information gets put into our database right along with the owner’s information. We will make sure YOU get the sale if they ever decide to sell, plus we will put $500 in your pocket when your referral signs a management contract with us and we lease the property!

Refer a Client