Routine maintenance and proper unit turns will not only prolong the life of your rental unit and decrease maintenance costs while occupied, it has the added benefit of maximizing the amount of rent you can expect and the likelihood your resident will renew their lease.

How owners benefit from our maintenance policies:

  • We have an in-house maintenance company, Artifex Maintenance Services, that was created solely to benefit Innovative Realty’s clients. They specialize in dealing with rental properties and due to our close affiliation, owners can expect faster turn around for maintenance issues and unit turns, and lower costs than any other comparable maintenance company in the area.
  • Residents can submit maintenance requests online at any time through our Maintenance Portal, which are automatically flagged for review. Residents can communicate with management and vendors, pick repair times, instantly schedule with the assigned vendor, provide photos and feedback, and more! Owners receive email notifications with work is scheduled and completed at their rental properties so they remain fully in the loop at all times. 
  • Our dedicated Maintenance Coordinator reviews each work order and coordinates between the vendors, the Residents, and if necessary the owners to ensure each work request is completed to everyone’s satisfaction.
  • Residents are happy knowing we’re here whenever anything happens, as oftentimes management companies have a bad reputation for ignoring maintenance requests. Happy residents = higher rates of renewal!
  • We have extensive knowledge of the home and repairs completed, should you need copies of invoices for your records.

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