Earn $$$ for EVERY New Resident Referral!

Innovative Realty is pleased to offer all of our current residents a referral fee for EVERY referral of a new qualified resident that results in a signed lease agreement! If you know someone who is looking for a place to rent, please refer them to us. If they decide to apply and they move in, make sure they mention your name on their application (this is the only way we will know who referred them). In return, you will receive $50* as a thank you!

The referral fee will be paid out once the new resident(s) officially move into the property. To qualify for the referral fee, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a current resident residing in a property managed by Innovative Realty, LLC and be listed as a financially responsible party on the lease agreement.

  2. The new applicant(s) must qualify and meet Innovative Realty’s rental requirements. New applicant(s) must also sign a one-year lease agreement along with all required documentations and addendums.

*The $50 fee will only be given for one person per rental property. If you refer more than one person but they all rent the same property together, you will only receive $50 for that property being rented. If you refer more than one person and they rent different properties, then you will receive $50 for each individual home rented.

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