The Innovative Difference

Often, prospective clients ask, “Why should I choose your company to manage my rental property?”

We love getting this question, because there is no shortage of reasons why 600+ investors have chosen Innovative Realty to manage their rental properties.

The industry is notorious for poor communication, mismanagement of funds, and a general lack of knowledge regarding the various legal issues that can arise in the field. We communicate constantly, relentlessly pursue knowledge and attend numerous professional conferences each year, and have robust financial controls in place to ensure client’s funds are secure.

We also offer education and guidance to our owners in an effort to enhance their knowledge of the field and assist them in becoming better landlords and thus elevate their business!

Here’s where we differ from other management companies:

  • What is Our Vision and Mission?

    Our Vision: We aspire to be the most trusted, sought-after brokerage in Central Florida by exemplifying excellence through the Innovative Way. 

    Our Mission: The Innovative Way educates and elevates the experience of our clients through transparency, kindness, and respect. 

    • We Educate by sharing our industry insight.
    • We Elevate by crafting a supportive environment and bettering the lives of our clients and team members.
  • What are our Core Values?

    Many companies will tell you what you want to hear, or tell you something that would ultimately benefit themselves. We believe in putting people first and our Core Values reflect what we believe in as a company.

    What are our Core Values?

    • Impeccable Communication – we practice like-to-like communication and will respond to all points of contact the same day or next business day if after hours. Response to communication is critical in our field and thus we insist upon timely communication among all parties involved.
    • Positive Outlook, Positive Impact – we actively seek to provide a positive impact in our community and positively affect our client’s lives.
    • Honesty & Integrity in All Dealings – we seek responsibility and take responsibility for our actions, and will own up to our mistakes and correct them immediately.
    • Relationships Matter - we support our team members and our clients, both owners and residents, and seek to improve their lives by providing them with a quality investment or housing experience.
    • Passionate Pursuit of Knowledge, Innovation, and Optimization - we are constantly searching for ways to optimize our operations and innovate with new technology that will improve our systems and the lives of our clients.
  • Our Team & Company Culture

    Our genuine care for the progression of the team, both personally and professionally, allows all of us the space and freedom to fully focus on providing our owners with an exemplary experience.

    How is this a value?

    • Most management companies seek to minimize costs by hiring low skill/low competency workers to engage in the critical day-to-day operations. We hire based on values, desire, and the capacity to become an expert.
    • Most companies market to sell to owners, we market to educate our owners believing an informed and well-educated owner will make the right choice, which we believe is Innovative Realty!
    • Happy people are more productive. Educated talent (cross-trained) handle operations and issues quickly and efficiently, which attracts business. If people are well cared for, they can then care for others well!
  • Our System, Operations, and Technology

    While everyone has a system, we feel ours is superior in its design, its implementation and in our relentless pursuit of its continuous optimization.

    How does this benefit you?

    • Our clarity on the roles and responsibilities of each team member allows for the seamless implementation and operation of our unique system and approach to property management.
    • Our system and our technology, while highly efficient and mechanized, is balanced with the human component such that an outsider perceives that each aspect of the business is handled personally when in fact much of the machine is automated and running in the background.
    • We believe in efficiency gained through mechanization but with a personal touch!
  • Our Accounting & Financial Controls

    The financial and legal safety, security and peace of mind that proper accounting and financial controls provide to both the owner and tenant are foundational to the successful management and operation of any property management company. These controls, along with the proper type and quantity of insurance, form the basis of sound management and offer all involved the surety that each parties interests are protected and all possible steps taken to mitigate any issues.

    How do we protect you?

    • Treasury management and Positive Pay through CashPro with Bank of America – our unique system guarantees that every penny is accounted for and not a single one leaves our account with pre-authorization.
    • General Liability and Errors & Omissions insurance coverage
    • Bi-directional reconciliations between our escrow accounts and our management software, so all transactions are transparent.
  • Our Reputation

    In this age of technology, many renters and owners place great emphasis on peer reviews for everything from places to eat, car makes and models, and yes, even management companies. You inherit our positive, well-established brand and the credibility it carries; this is even more evident and crucial for foreign property owners or out of state owners! Our reputation offers those that engage with us the peace of mind that they will be well-served and that they can count on us to communicate effectively and address any and all issues timely. While this is the basis of any successful relationship, we find this to be unusual in our industry and thus pride ourselves on service and communication.

    Why is this important?

    • Our positive reviews attract more residents and convince them to stay long-term.
    • Many of our residents shift within our portfolio when they’re looking to upgrade or down-size because they want to stay with our company rather than rent from another.
    • We frequently have leads come in where potential applicants are settling for a property they may not 100% love, purely because they want to rent from us based on our reputation and/or their previous experience.

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