$50.00 Per Month

Included with ALL lease agreements under Innovative Realty is the Resident Benefits Package. The following features are included for $50.00 per month:

  1. Insurance Benefit Highlights: 
    • $100,000 Tenant Liability Insurance Coverage Provided Under the Innovative Realty Master Policy.
      Benefit: Residents will be named as Additionally Insured under the Innovative Realty master insurance policy for up to $100,000 in liability.
    • $10,000 Resident’s Content Coverage Provided Under the Innovative Realty Master Policy.
      Benefit: Residents are covered under the Innovative Realty master insurance policy for up to $10,000 in resident’s contents coverage, with a deductible of $500 per incident for claims.
    • $1,000 Additional Living Expenses.
      Benefit: Residents are covered for up to $1,000 of additional living expenses arising out of a covered claim.

      In the event of a claim: Residents are instructed to contact Innovative Realty for claim submission instructions
  2. Resident Online Portal
    Benefit: Enjoy 24/7 access to our online Resident Portal which allows you to initiate one-time or automatic recurring online rental payments for both rent and utilities, sign lease agreements, access electronic statements, payment history, previous lease agreements, and more!
  3. 24/7 Maintenance Hotline with Live Phone Support
    Benefit: You are able to reach a live person for any after-hours or weekend emergency maintenance concerns by simply calling our main office phone line and selecting the emergency option.
  4. A/C Filter Delivery
    Benefit: Residents receive a new A/C filter, sized perfectly for their HVAC system, delivered right to their door every 60 days! This is included with the Resident Benefits Package and comes at no additional cost.
  5. In-House Maintenance
    Benefit: We maintain an in-house maintenance team offering timely and efficient general maintenance to solve your maintenance concerns fast!
  6. Preventative Maintenance
    Benefit: Annual 20-point quality inspection of the property, HVAC unit, air filters, plumbing systems and safety items. Reduces likelihood of maintenance issues and ensures a pleasant rental experience!
  7. Utilities Management
    Benefit: Innovative Realty has partnered with Conservice, a utility billing service. Conservice makes the set-up of utilities and payment each month easy by consolidating everything into one bill and providing you with convenient ways to pay, right through your existing portal. Accounts are already active, which means you won’t have to contact utility providers to set up service or pay any deposits!
  8. Pinata Rewards
    Benefit: Residents have the option to sign up for Pinata rewards and earn points for every on-time rental payment made. Points earned can be redeemed for gift cards to places like Starbucks, Amazon, or other major brands, or for items such as diapers, Keurig coffee makers, or a host of other options.
  9. One Time Late Fee Forgiveness ($75.00 value)
    Benefit: Innovative Realty will grant a one-time waiver of a $75 late rental payment fee, no questions asked!
  10. Free Credit Reporting for All Rental Payments made during this Lease to Experian RentBureau
    Benefit: Your on-time rental payments will help build your credit. We report all rent payment history to Experian which will help establish your positive rental history and possibly raise your credit score!
  11. Live Chat
    Benefit: In addition to phone, email and text, conveniently access our team of professionals through the Innovative Realty website’s Live Chat function during normal business hours to help with any of your questions or concerns!
  12. Real Estate Investment Consultation
    Benefit: Considering the purchase of a home? When you are ready to buy a home, we can connect you with one of Innovative’s licensed real estate agents for a free consultation who can assist you with making your dream become a reality! If you engage an Innovative Realty agent as your buyer’s agent, Innovative Realty will provide you with a free one-year home warranty on your new home ($550 value)! Please note, all lease terms and contracts must be fulfilled prior to the purchase and in the event of an early lease break or termination, all penalties and fees will apply.

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