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Tips for Staying Pest Free

Living in Florida has a lot of perks: a year-long tan, flip flops for all occasions, and annual fun for all ages. Though it's home to “The Happiest Place on Earth”, it is also home to a wide variety of creepy crawlies and furry critters looking for a meal or cozy place to start a family. In eliminating access to a free meal and maintaining a clean living space, you can keep your family safe and pests out. See below for some tips and tricks to staying pest free year-round! 

  • Floors first: Ants love sweet stuff, it doesn’t take long for them to find the juice spill from last week and set up shop. By cleaning your floors with soap and water at least once a week, you are removing any residue on the floor and deterring ants from making your home theirs! Ants are tough to evict, so being proactive is key. We can also track in pest eggs on our shoes or clothes; regular vacuuming of carpeted areas will prevent those eggs from hatching in your carpet.
  • Foods and storage: Fruit is most pest’s favorite food. Fruits should be kept in the refrigerator and disposed of completely. Leaving fruit out can attract ants, roaches, flies, and rodents. Storing pantry items such as bread, crackers, sugar, and cereal in sealed containers keeps your food safe and pests out. 
  • Water access: Just like us, bugs and rodents need water to survive. Some can pull moisture from common items, such as a wet rag thrown in the laundry area. A leaky faucet provides a steady supply of water and if they know where to find it, they will keep coming back. In limiting access to water you're preventing pests from surviving and thriving in your home.
  • Pets: Dogs and cats are constantly in and out of our homes and are far more likely to track in pests. Regular bathing and brushing in congruence with routine flea prevention are key to keeping our pets healthy and avoiding hitch-hiking eggs. Pet food will attract furry pests and should be stored in a sealed container. Rodents are not picky either - cat, dog, fish, and bird food is all on the menu if its not stored properly.

Seeing a few bugs in your home may not be concerning, but don’t forget that there is always something bigger with those bugs on the menu. Wasps and spiders will eat roaches, and rats will eat spiders. Simple measures such as these can help keep pests at bay, but there are still areas of this beautiful state that will always be more susceptible to pest intrusions. In some cases, enrolling in routine pest control services may be the most effective way to keep them out. These easy steps help create a barrier between unwanted visitors and your family.