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Article: What is the Resident Benefits Package?

The Resident Benefits Package is a comprehensive set of great features, designed to make our Residents and Owners lives easier. This package includes everything from an upgraded maintenance platform and 24/7 resident portal, to renter’s insurance and utilities management, created to make our Central Florida rental homes a better place to live. In this article, we’re going to talk about why this is such a great program and answer some commonly asked questions.

1. Why did we choose to implement the Resident Benefits Package?

We believe in doing everything we can to make our client’s lives better and easier, and the benefits package is a big part of that! This package offers lots of great features for you, including renter’s insurance (note that renter’s insurance is now required in all leases), access to a 24/7 upgraded maintenance platform, a free Resident Portal, a one-time waiver of a late fee, live chat on our website, a free investment consultation should you wish to purchase a home, and utility single-billing from our partner, SimpleBills! Including everything on the list below means the residents won’t have to spend hours of their time dealing with utilities, shopping for renter’s insurance, or dealing with long hold times for maintenance requests. We’re able to use really great, innovative programs to bring these features to our Residents, which benefits everyone in the long run. For a full list of benefits, visit our Resident Benefits Package page.

2. Can Residents opt-out of this Benefits Package?

This is the most common question we get! Unfortunately, no – you cannot opt out of the entire package. However, you can opt out of only the Insurance Portion. Residents may opt-out of the insurance portion of this program by showing proof of Renter’s Insurance with coverage of at least $20,000, and naming Innovative Realty as ADDITIONALLY INSURED for a cost difference savings of $15/month. Residents will still be responsible for the $20/month Partial Resident Benefits Package.

The Resident Benefits Package will apply to all homes and Residents in the Innovative Realty Property Management Company portfolio. The included insurance coverage is under Innovative Realty as a Master Policy and applied to each home under management. Residents receive the benefits of the coverage without applications, credit checks, or billing!

3. What is SimpleBills?

SimpleBills is a utilities management service, which consolidates your utility bills for your Central Florida rental into one single bill per month. Utilities will remain on at all times, so you won’t have to deal with transferring services into your name or paying hefty deposits to the different utility providers. You’ll receive one bill per month, with one due due, for all utilities under your name. If you’re a current resident, we’ll transfer your utilities over to SimpleBills when your lease renewal occurs. This means you’ll be eligible to receive back any deposits paid to the utility providers!

We spent a great deal of time, energy, and money researching these different programs to ensure our residents have the best coverage possible, with the easiest solutions at their fingertips for some of the most frustrating aspects of renting a home. We try hard to be the best property management company in Orlando and we believe the Resident Benefits Package is a large part of that!