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Monthly Statements & Year-End Reporting

If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, it’s excellent communication. Our industry is unfortunately known for poor reporting systems and we guarantee that is not the case with our company. Owners will always receive their monthly statements on time, and their annual statements within the first week of January.

What are our standards for statements and yearly reporting?

  • Our systems are set up to ensure owners receive their monthly statement and their rental funds, without fail, between the 10th and 12th of every month.
  • Unlike many companies, we even have a secondary direct deposit between the 20th and 22nd to allow for payment of any additional funds remitted after the 12th.
  • All monthly statements are stored in the Owner Portal and available for review and download at any time.
  • IRS-required 1099 statements and the corresponding cash flow statements are processed and posted to the Owner Portal the first week of January – sometimes as early as January 3rd!

Financial Control & Protections

The financial and legal safety, security and peace of mind that proper accounting and financial controls provide to both the owner and tenant are foundational to the successful management and operation of any property management company. These controls, along with the proper type and quantity of insurance, form the basis of sound management and offer all involved the surety that each parties interests are protected and all possible steps taken to mitigate any issues.

How do we protect you?

  • Treasury management and Positive Pay through CashPro with Bank of America – our unique system guarantees that every penny is accounted for and not a single one leaves our account with pre-authorization.
  • General Liability and Errors & Omissions insurance coverage
  • Bi-directional reconciliations between our escrow accounts and our management software, so all transactions are transparent.

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