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Rent Collection

Our system is set up to make paying rent as easy as possible for our residents – the harder the system is to navigate, the more likely you are to get late rent payments! Our residents have access to a Resident Portal, similar to the Owner Portal, where they can pay rent, review their ledger and upcoming payment amounts, set up automatic payments, and much more.

What happens after rent is received:

  • Rent is applied immediately to the resident’s ledger and the property account.
  • Bank of America processes the funds and will notify us as soon as possible if the payment is rejected for any reason.
  • For late rental payments, we follow up on a daily basis to ensure residents remit payment as soon as possible, and work with them to set up payment plans.
  • To ensure the bank has enough time to fully process and release the rental funds, owners are paid monthly between the 10th and the 12th (depending which day of the week that falls on).
  • We even have a second regularly scheduled owner direct deposit between the 20th and 22nd of every month, to capture any rental funds that were not received before the first deposit was initiated.

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