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Move-in & Move-out Inspections

We conduct very detailed and thorough inspections prior to handing over the keys – this helps to ensure we have full records of the condition of the property as of the date it was turned over to the tenant, and also serves to provide us with sufficient evidence should we need to make a claim against the resident’s security deposit.

What our move-in and move-out inspection process is like:

  • Exterior photos – every angle from the outside of the home including as much of the roof as possible and the front and back yards, if applicable.
  • Interior photos – photos of every room from all angles, including every wall, the floor, the ceiling, and inside all closets or cabinets. Also includes photos of each fixture, interior of appliances, manufacturer’s label of all appliances, and close up of any cosmetic deficiencies.
  • Video – a video of the exterior and interior of the home, with the property manager vocalizing pre-existing cosmetic deficiencies for the record. The photos are used in conjunction with the video to provide detail of each deficiency noted.
  • Inspections generally take about three hours to perform, depending on the size of the home.

Periodic Inspections

It’s very important to have eyes on and in the property on a regular basis – this ensures the property is being kept in good condition and that there are no leaks that the residents may have missed.

Here’s our periodic inspection process:

  • An annual interior inspection is scheduled about 90 days prior to the lease end date. This allows us to view the property before offering a lease renewal to the residents.
  • During the inspection, we’ll examine under all sinks, take a look at the smoke detectors and the A/C filter, assess the overall condition of the property, and note any maintenance we think may be needed.
  • Should any lease or HOA violations come up during the course of the lease, we will schedule additional inspections as needed.
  • We also make it a point to do exterior inspections on a regular basis – if we’re visiting another property in the area, we’ll drive by any surrounding rentals in the area to ensure the grass is being cut and the home looks to be in good shape.

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