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Our original lease agreement is drafted by an attorney, and checked periodically to ensure it is compliant with all Florida Landlord-Tenant Law policies and any recent policy changes. It’s very important to have a strong lease that protects all parties from harm.

Some highlights of our lease:

  • Rent is always due on the first of every month, with no grace period.
  • Residents are responsible for light bulbs, drip pans, A/C filter, water filters, pest control, and smoke alarm batteries, as well as any damage they may cause during occupancy.
  • Owners are responsible for standard repairs to all major systems, including HVAC, appliances, plumbing, electrical, and roofing. Owners are not responsible for repairs needed due to resident negligence.
  • Any items the owner doesn’t want to repair can be excluded from the lease (if acceptable per Florida law).

Lease Renewals

The largest expense a property owner can incur is a vacant unit, and our efforts to renew the lease start before we even find the tenant! In fact, it begins with the first contact the potential applicant has with our office. We maintain easy-to-use but highly sophisticated systems to make viewing and applying for our vacant properties as easy as possible. We always answer the phone and return calls, and make sure to start off with all residents on the right foot. We’re proud to say our average rate of renewal is over 80%, well above the industry standard!

What else do we do to increase the chances of renewal?

  • Provide friendly, quick responses to showing requests, and an easy-to-navigate self-guided showing system to inconvenience prospects as little as possible.
  • Process applications, issue results, and sign the lease with approved applicants as quickly as possible.
  • Make sure the home is in perfect condition before handing over the keys (it’s a great first impression!)
  • Provide exceptional service and a positive experience each time we interact with the resident.
  • Handle maintenance requests quickly, and ensure our vendors complete the work timely.
  • Provide convenient systems for residents to pay rent, submit maintenance, view their lease agreement, and update contact information whenever needed.
  • Send Happy Birthday emails to all residents on their birthday.
  • Beginning requesting the renewal three full months before the lease is subject to expire – acting early often results in a higher likelihood of renewal.

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